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We are Celebrity Booker, a Talent & Pet agency with offices in London, Birmingham, Cardiff & Manchester.

Celebrity Booker also covers Scotland, Newcastle, Yorkshire and Ireland. 


Representing Actors, Dancers, Models Pets and other talents, we have grown a team of specialist agents and have built a strong reputation for looking after a diverse list of talent.


Our Passion for talent inspires us to discover, sign and promote the finest artists around the United Kingdom.

We value relationships more than numbers. We will fight tooth and nail to protect our own. We Eat, Drink, and Sleep our work and still get excited discussing new ways to represent our clients. We believe in dreams but apply reality to nurture the goals of our clients and answer the needs of casting directors.


We have helped create the careers of many artists from musicians to reality TV stars.


Our client base also includes Directors, Writers, Producers, Casting directors and others involved in all aspects of the media business.


Our agents have decades of experience within the industry from Models, Actors and Performers our staff have pretty much covered it all. They have knowledge to help and advise new artists or anyone starting out.


We are with you every step of the way....

We are committed to representing performers, regardless of Age,  Gender, Ethnicity, Disability, Race, Colour, National Origin or Sexual orientation. 

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