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We contact registered artist for work by Text and Email. If you do not have a mobile and email address you will miss out on all work offers. You can get a free email account from hotmail or gmail and we suggest getting a pay-as-you-go mobile to receive our texts.




It is imperative for production that your measurments are accurate. All measurments should be taken in feet and inches with a tape measure (not CM) and rounded up to the nearest half inch.


You are responsible for your own measurements and production can turn you away, unpaid if they are not correct.





You can change your photos whenever you want to. It is really important the photos of you on our website are a true representation of how you currently look. If you drastically cut your hair for example, please update your photos, or if you just want to try a different look. Please make sure all photos are in colour, black and white are not acceptable. Updated photos can be emailed to: (Don't forget to include your name)





You will be contacted by a member of the team and given either a confirmed booking or a pencil booking (If you are not told please ask). Before committing you must be 100% sure about your availability. If you have a pencil booking and other commitments arise please inform us immediately. Confirmed bookings will be made to you by email or SMS text. You will be told the rate of pay when you are booked.





Usually the first availability request about a job will be sent to you by email. All you need to do is read the details and click on either I Accept or I Decline. Please remember that if you have accepted a job we will expect you to stay free for that job, if for any reason you become unavailable it is very important you contact us straight away.


You will then be Confirmed or Cancelled for this job, when the production have decided who they definitely want.


Once confirmed, we will email you your confirmed details as soon as we get them the day before you are needed. It’s a good idea to check your email from around 4pm the day before shooting. If your details have arrived, please make sure you click on the Details Received button. This will ensure we will know that you have received and understood instructions and will be attending.



SMS Text


Sometimes if things are more urgent we might send you a text message. We use a computer to do this, although it will look like it comes from a mobile. Please make sure that you hit reply to this message rather than starting a new message. This will ensure that the message is delivered back to the correct person in the office. Although this looks like a mobile number you cannot call us on it. – If you need to speak to us please email Please do not send pictures to us on these texts, we wont get them.



Please be aware that your reliability and punctuality reflects on our company. If you fail to attend without good reason, or are consistently late, this will be noted by Celebrity Booker and may result in you being taken off the books.



Checking in


We do not have a checking in policy. Please do not check in for work by email. The casting team are under tremendous pressure to get their work done within working hours and fielding emails from artistes checking in for work slows them down. If however you have not heard from us for a month or so, then feel free to give us a quick email. Artistes that check in everyday will not be used.

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